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the department at the pentagon. a number of republicans have had issues with hagel. he has reportedly erected talks with hamas, some say he is not pro- israel enough. it has a number of republicans lined up against him in opposition. >> he has long severed ties with the republican party. this is an in-your-face nomination by the president. i do not know what is management experience is regarding the pentagon. i think it is an incredibly controversial choice. rich: this sets up a big fight in the u.s. senate. this at a time when those automatic defense cuts have been delayed for two months and that fiscal cliff deal. there are major questions in washington on defense spending going forward. this is a pretty timely opponent or appointment for the president when you consider all that is going on with not only the federal budget, but the defense budget. connell: thank you, rich edson. dagen: let's bring in matt welch. how do these nominations play into, again, the defense cuts that are on tap and other cuts that are on hand? >> first of all, happy birthday. congratulations on being able to drink.
would hit. that would affect the pentagon and the pentagon size, the consequences were much more unfavorable for the g.o.p. than for democrats, which is why republicans had very little leverage to win this moring a, i think it remarkable they got out of it in as good shape as they did. lou: i would never disturb a positive outlook. i have to say, i think somehow, when we end up withs there are your trillion added to national debt, and we have round two coming at us with the president and speaker saying in a will never negotiate over a debt ceiling again, you have to wonder who the future holds. >> the problem is, the republicans control the house of representative the. the democrats control the senate. democrats control the white house. and democrats are on opposed to all of the things that republicans want to do. lower taxes, and by and large, reduce spending and reform entitlements, reform the tax code in a way that revenue neutral, they don't want to do those, they and they have two-thirds of of the three-legged stool in their control that limits what republicans can hope to d
on spending, taxes, immigration, foreign policy all loom in the weeks and months ahead. former pentagon official, former reagan political director joining yes. pulitzer prize-winning journalist among our guests tonight. joining us to assess what could be a contentious road ahead for the president's national-security nominees to my katie mcfarland has held national security posts under three presidents and a fox these national security analyst and a pulitzer prize-winning journalist judith miller. let's begin with you. the nomination here of brennan and, of course, of hegel catching some, well, this -- by surprise despite the fact that their names have been proffered for some time. >> the jewish community, representatives have let the president know they do not like this appointment. there is to not to do it, but now what is done. many of them starting to fall in line saying, it is done. some will continue to oppose, but at this point you have to assume that senator hegel stands a good chance of being confirmed lou: : first to brennan, he has been purged of whatever his sins were under t
that makes me chuckle that the comment that the pentagon is bloated in its spending. >> right. lori: as he approaches sequestration, meant to be punitive defense spending cuts how is all that going to sort out? >> i think it is one of the questions the republicans in particular have, the question whether or not this is the time to bring that kind of history of criticism of the pentagon and spending, particularly when facing automatic spending cuts that will comprise, even though it is only 1/20th of the spending of the federal government it will comprise 50% of the cuts that is inconvenient. that could be a problem but the president, to his credit, is pushing forward and i say his credit, not supporting or, you know, or criticizing hagel's nomination but i think it is important for any president to stand up to move forward what he thinks is the nomination of the appropriate person to serve as head of one of these departments. melissa: you say the criticism rings hollow. do you think it will not stick? it is only here at the on set and will beers oweser than it looks? >> for example, the th
. that is a devastating impact. i am wondering why don't they go after the pentagon? is it the pentagon as a policy declared to say if you attack us, that is an act of war. >> new evolution in the strategies. an act of self-defense were cyber attack or something active defense, some entities getting their heads around the sanctions. yes, there has been some modifications, so financial institutions are quickly getting their heads around those vulnerabilities but by in large many of those are well saved, love institutions have been able to protect themselves. people are employing them. dennis: this is yet again another denial of service attack. where hackers and of taking over a little network and they have thousands and thousands of requests and they freeze the system. what i can't understand is why can't you guys in the business fix this? it has been around for 30 years or more, how can you guys haven't been able to do away with it? >> availability of your systems is a paramount element. social networking to twitter every second means everything. as we get more and more connected, availability is a
at the pentagon. he is looking for allies. he is looking to stake out his position on the future of afghanistan as we move towards some sort of troop withdrawal or lower levels of troop presence in afghanistan and he is laying, he is laying out markers right now before he meets with the president. we'll probably be reading about some of this in the papers tomorrow. melissa: we have a 66,000 troops right now on the ground there. we're talking about pulling everybody out by 2014. what do you think is the risks of that? >> well, i think when they talk about the zero option i think the white house is also laying down markers because we're having some problems negotiating the future of american troops in afghanistan. i don't want to get too technical, melissa, but there is a thing called the status of forces agreement and this protects our troops while they serve overseas in foreign countries. we have them with japan, germany, korea, places like that. we didn't get one with iraq. that is the reason there are no u.s. troops in iraq. iraq is dealing with resurgence of al qaeda. we're pressuring them a
the paycheck is light these days. pentagon bracing for cuts, hundreds of thousands of jobs at stake. the fiscal cliff did not end the automatic cuts, gist delayed them. look at the impactses that just that threat of cuts, just the threat of cuts is having, and how much worse it's going to be if congress does not act. liz: first, what drove the markets today with the data download. stocks struggling for direction today with the dpow crossing the unchanged line 56 times before settling into the green. all three major indexes ending the week higher with the dow and s&p closing up six of the past eight weeks. that's a pretty significant trend for the bulls. consumer staples and technology were today's top performing sectors while financials and industrials were the ones that laggedded. action in the precious metal pits today. ending lower, platinum is the week's big winner, ending up 4.7% rising above 1630 an ounce. palladium, that metal that auto companies use in the cad converters, that jumped 3%. highest after government stockpiles shrank more than expected. inventories down 17% more than a year
public. >> thank you for your analysis, mike boyd. >> thank you. melissa: as the pentagon abrasions for possible $500 budget cuts over the next decade defense secretary leon panetta has warned he will begin taking steps to freeze civilian hiring and delay contract awards. additionally unpaid furloughs for civilian personnel will be created to prepare for potential cuts. if the budget cuts are not as drastic as expected, panetta hopes to minimize any effects on military readiness, making sure any preparations made now are not permanent and can be reversed. >>> all right. so did you get a new gadget for the holidays, maybe a nook, ipad? chances are, it wasn't a pc. lori: that is so yesterday. so passe, right? apple's chief is saying china will some day be his company's biggest market. what do you think folks feel about that? let's take a look at winners and losers on the dow today or maybe treasury rates. we'll look at the who had board. this is what is moving on the board. these are the your components. this is half and half in terms of gainers and decliners. we're back after this [
hagel at the pentagon. the president will be down to how many women? you will have the labor position to fill. again, you have hillary clinton leaving, connell and i were going through the list. there are few women in cabinet positions. connell: charlie rangel is here with us to talk about this. is this a big problem for the president, the lack of diversity >> i spent so much time making fun of republicans and the action not women and jewish people in the congress and blacks and hispanics, it has just been unreal. i will have to explain why our picture looks the same. i do not think we should just look for women. we should have qualified people out there. we have not found them. that is just not true. it is a problem. it is a problem that can and i am convinced will be corrected. dagen: how will it be corrected? >> first of all, we have the president. nobody would rather have somebody like that speaking out for him. we have an opposite thing. we know the commitment is there, but the action is not there with the photographs. we do not need that as democrats. we really don't. connell: y
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)

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